Pevo Competition Goal

Pevo Competition Goal 4x6

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The Pevo Competition Soccer Goal is a movable goal constructed of lightweight, powder coated 4” round aluminum tubing with durable aluminum corner, base castings and 2” round aluminum backstays. The net is fastened with StayNet fasteners that fitinto a pre-drilled hole in the uprights and crossbar. Also included are net ties for attaching the net to ground bar, and a galvanized steel ground bar.. This goal has a one of a kind corner casting that is first mechanically fitted into the upright, then welded all around for extra durability. 

 Weight: 70 lbs
 Height: 4.5’
 Width: 6’
 Depth: 2.5’
 Base: 4.5’
 Material: 4” Round Aluminum Tubing with 2” Round steel ground base and 2”round aluminum backstays.
-3mm Net
-StayNet Fasteners
-Net Ties
-Ground Anchors for security
Optional add-ons:
-Permanent Wheel Kit
-Removable Wheel Kit 
Proudly manufactured in the USA