How much is shipping?
We have Free Shipping on all the big stuff such as soccer goals and benches. For the little stuff such as nets, and clips, UPS will calculate it for you upon checkout. 
Why PEVO Products?
Growing up being around goals all my life, I always thought a "goal was a goal", and I was wrong. PEVO goals and products are manufactured and engineered to last. On top of that, everything is super easy to assemble together. No hidden brackets, or pieces to screw in. PEVO products are built to last!
When will my item ship?
Your item typically ships to you in 2-5 business days depending on where you are located. But if you have special shipping requests, reach out to me.
What if my item is damaged?
Contact me as soon as possible so we can fix it for you!
What is the Coaches Corner?
Coaches Corner is designed to be a place where coaches can find different exercises and activities to meet their teams needs. 
What if I have a question regarding a product?
Call Joe at 732-735-1784 and we can chat!
How is PEVO Goal made?