Who We Are

 Two friends passionate about the game, looking to help clubs equip their fields with the best soccer goals at the best prices. 
Why Choose Us?
Prior to starting Your Soccer Store, Joe was fortunate enough to work for PEVO Sports where he learned everything possible on how these goals were engineered and manufactured. He became an expert on not only what makes PEVO the best out there, but the why behind it as well. 
Gentry is no stranger to the soccer scene. Holding his "A" license, he is actively involved in coaching from the youth ranks all the way to the college game. Gentry has a wealth of experience in making his kids become better players, competing, but most importantly falling in love with the game.
Should you have any questions reach on out, we'd love to assist you
-Joe Brisindi 732-735-1784
-Gentry Johnson  910-431-7963