Why do I choose PEVO over other brands?

Growing up my whole life, I had no idea what brand or style of goal I was shooting on. Some were heavy, some looked old, some had rectangular posts that my coach probably used as a kid, and some looked great. It wasn't until I moved down to Wilmington, North Carolina and started working for PEVO that I actually learned about the soccer goal world. 

There are some pretty big dogs in the soccer goal industry. You have Kwik Goal, Alumagoal, JayPro, and PEVO. Like automobiles, soccer goal brands typically do vary in cost, as well as quality. In this article I will give my thoughts as to why PEVO is the superior brand out there in terms of quality and price.

Chances are unless you are a soccer nerd or really into goals, you never really noticed them more than being a target. But did you know that even the smallest of details can make a difference in the life of the goal as well as aesthetics?

Most soccer goals are welded in the corners as seen below. 

Think about all the tension that goal has to go through. Yes welds are strong, but at what point does this goal lose durability? Constant moving of the goal, a massive crossbar that needs to be secured, players hanging on it.

Now take a look at a PEVO Goal below.

Notice a difference? That corner fitting is first placed into the upright, followed by a full circular weld. This ensures that this goal will last longer, as well as not break as easily; making it an overall safer product.

How do I assemble these things?

I have put up many PEVO goals in my life and I can tell you they can be assembled in ~20 minutes. The most time consuming part will be taking the goal out of the box, as well as putting the net on. A single PEVO goal comes in 5 pieces. You have your Crossbar, Ground Bar, two Sides, and a kit box. The goal is pretty much assembled for you, all you need to do is fit the pieces in and screw the bolts in, and that's it.

What about other goal brands? Well take a look. Other brands have different brackets that need to be assembled on, different braces that need to be assembled on, corner fittings that need to be assembled on. When I compare that to PEVO, I assume it take 45 minutes or more. Ever put a Walmart bookshelf together? Seems easy until you need to connect B2 to C7 and you realize the thing is completely backwards.

But why the price difference?

To answer this, I have no idea. PEVO is a superior product in terms of engineering and being user friendly, yet are a fraction of the price. What gives? At the end of the day, PEVO makes an all around great product for the right price. If you are unsure of them, next time you see a PEVO goal at a field, check it out, you won't be disappointed. 

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