What PEVO Goal is right for you?

Although Soccer Goals seem generic, when you break it down there are some major differences in the types you can select. In this article I will be breaking down the types of PEVO Soccer Goals. I will only focus on the standard 8x24 goal size, however I will go in detail with specs, my thoughts, and give my rating from Professional, Training, and Recreation. Lets get to it.

1) PEVO Supreme- 4" round crossbar, ground bar, base, uprights, and 2" backstays. This goal comes powder coated white all around, and features a channel tube to secure the net using MP Fasteners.

My Thoughts- This goal has a professional look to it and most importantly for me, it is able to easily slide around turf or grass without necessarily needing wheels, or having to be picked up. I rate this goal Professional for the features and quality.

2) PEVO Park- 3" round crossbar, ground bar, base, uprights, and 1-3/8" backstay. This goal also comes powder coated white, except for the backstays. Like the Supreme, this goal also has channels to secure the net using MP Fasteners. 

My Thoughts- Although considered the Supreme's little brother, this is by far my favorite PEVO goal. It is super quick to assemble, moves around the field gracefully, and looks absolutely phenomenal. I would recommend this goal for any training or professional match setting! I rate this goal Training to Professional.

3) PEVO Channel- 4" round crossbar, uprights, with a 2" round galvanized steel ground bar. Backstays are 2" round along with the bases. The net is fastened using MP Clips, and everything on this goal is powder coated white except the ground bar.

My Thoughts- Same great PEVO quality with that professional appearance up front. This goal would be difficult to try to move on the ground and would definitely need some wheels on it. I rate this goal Training.

4) PEVO Competition- 4" round crossbar, 2" round galvanized steel ground bar, 2" backstay to base. The only parts painted on this goal are the uprights and crossbar. The net is secured using the StayNet Fasteners.

My Thoughts- Although this comes with PEVO quality, the style is a bit outdated. This is good for clubs looking for a 4" professional looking goal on a budget. Goal can only be moved by picking it up, or adding wheels. Just make sure you have some extra StayNet Fasteners as they will pop out over time! I rate this goal Recreation.

5) PEVO World Cup- 4" round crossbar, uprights, with a 2" round base frame. This goal comes equipped with 2 stanchions in the back to give it that professional look. The net is fastened using MP Clips.

My Thoughts- This goal is as professional looking as it gets. Although assembly (mainly digging for the uprights and stanchions) would require diligence, once it is all complete you will amazed at the outcome. This is the same style goal used in the professional leagues around the world. I rate this goal Professional.

6) PEVO Stadium STA- 4" round uprights, crossbar, and bases. Top Frame and Back Frame are 2" round. Goal features an adjustable 2" round ground bar that can easily be moved forward or back. Crossbar, uprights, and bases are powder coated white. Net is fastened using MP Clips. This goal comes equipped with 4 wheels for easy mobility.

My Thoughts- This goal is a must have for multi-sport fields, specifically football. What makes this goal unique is its ability to adjust and fit underneath a football upright thanks to its adjustable ground bar, all while maintaining that professional box goal look . The 4 wheels are a plus for those quick switch-outs. I rate this goal Professional.

7) PEVO Stadium STB- 4" round crossbar, ground bar, and base. Stanchions in the back to support the net, also features 4 wheels for easy mobility. Goal is powder coated white, and net is secured using MP Clips.

My Thoughts- A great alternate to the STA, the STB is gives that box goal look and of course has the 4 wheels for easy mobility. Only thing is to be sure to use it solely on a soccer specific field. Due to its looks and quality, I rate this goal Professional.

8) PEVO Economy- 3" round crossbar, ground bar, uprights, and bases. Goal is not powder coated, and net is fastened using Bungee Balls

My Thoughts- Like the name says, Economy is what this goal is all about. Although it is not powder coated, and uses Bungee Balls, it still has a rounded finish to make it easy to move around the field. The same PEVO quality is there, however, due to its simplicity I give this goal Recreation to Training.

9) PEVO Club- 2"x4" rectangular upright and crossbar, 2" galvanized steel ground bar. Backstay is 2", along with the base. Net is secured using StayNet Fasteners. Goal has the option to come powder coated white (Club) or not be powder coated at all (Value Club).

My Thoughts- This is an old school goal that many of us probably used when we were kids. I cannot knock the PEVO quality, however the styling is outdated in my opinion. Personally I would recommend those spend the extra money to either get the Economy, or Park series. I rate this goal Recreation.

So there you have it, a basic summary of each PEVO 8x24 Soccer Goal offered, as well as what I think of it. Hope this helped answer any of your PEVO soccer goal questions. Let me know what you think and leave a comment below! 


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