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Why do I choose PEVO over other brands?

Growing up my whole life, I had no idea what brand or style of goal I was shooting on. Some were heavy, some looked old, some had rectangular posts that my coach probably used as a kid, and some looked great. It wasn't until I moved down to Wilmington, North Carolina and started working for PEVO that I actually learned about the soccer goal world.  There are some pretty big dogs in the soccer goal industry. You have Kwik Goal, Alumagoal, JayPro, and PEVO. Like automobiles, soccer goal brands typically do vary in cost, as well as quality. In this article I will give my thoughts as to why PEVO is the superior brand out there in terms of quality...

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What PEVO Goal Is Right For You

Although Soccer Goals seem generic, when you break it down there are some major differences in the types you can select. In this article I will be breaking down the types of PEVO Soccer Goals. I will only focus on the standard 8x24 goal size, however I will go in detail with specs, my thoughts, and give my rating from Professional, Training, and Recreation. Lets get to it. 1) PEVO Supreme- 4" round crossbar, ground bar, base, uprights, and 2" backstays. This goal comes powder coated white all around, and features a channel tube to secure the net using MP Fasteners. My Thoughts- This goal has a professional look to it and most importantly for me, it is able to easily slide around turf or grass...

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